Purchasing Textbooks

How can I purchase my textbooks?

Choose from the following ways: 

1. Come into the bookstore with your course schedule and choose the books off the shelves yourself.  The textbook department is set up in alphabetical order by Department, then Course, then Section.

2. Place an order online using your course schedule.  By placing an order online you will have the option to choose from New, Used, Rental, or Digital (subject to availability).  Orders placed online may also be held here at the bookstore for pick-up free of charge or for a small shipping fee you can have your order shipped to your home. We do not ship to APO or PO Box addresses, please be sure to provide a street address and your UIC Student ID number.

3. Log into my.uic.edu.  Choose Academics, then Schedule; Click on UIC Bookstore.  Click on the link under your schedule of classes to start your comparison shopping.

Ordering Access Codes

In all cases we strongly recommend that you purchase your materials directly from the UIC Bookstore.  Using other third party booksellers can be problematic at times when the text includes online materials that require an Access Code. Never buy a “used” item if that textbook also requires an Access Code.

How to Purchase from the UIC Bookstore

  1. When you need to purchase your materials from the UIC Bookstore
  2. Be sure to order “New” copies.
  3. When checking out – In the “Order Notes” section you must tell them “Please email me the Access Codes”.
  4. You must fill out the shipping address part of the form. The bookstore uses that information for verification purposes.
  5. When filling out the form – you must select “In store pickup” (even though you will not actually go to the store).
  6. The bookstore representatives will scan the access codes and include them in an email to you. Usually within 24 – 48 hours depending on how late in the day that you place your order.
  7. They will not physically ship the access code cards if you selected the full electronic version of your materials.

When purchasing the materials, if you have questions or problems, you may contact any of our representatives in the UIC Bookstore.
UIC Bookstore Textbooks: [email protected] (312)-413-5534

Sara Didio: [email protected]

What does it mean if my course is not listed?

If a course is not listed, it usually means that we are still waiting to hear which textbook(s) may be used for that course.  Please keep checking the site.  We will update the information as it arrives to the Bookstore.

Can I have my textbook billed to my student account?

No, unfortunately we don’t have financial arrangements in place to charge your student account.

Once I place an order online with the UIC Bookstore, how soon will it be ready?

In order to allow for more complete orders, we generally begin processing textbook orders 3 weeks prior to the first day of classes.  This is when our inventory has peaked and orders are most complete.  Orders will be ready within 1 business day of placing the order for in-stock course materials.

After placing my online order with the UIC Bookstore I received an order confirmation, does that mean my credit card has been charged?

No, the e-mail is only a confirmation that we received your order.  Once your order has been completed and the credit card used has been charged, you will receive a second e-mail confirming your order has shipped or is ready for pick-up.

Price Comparison Shopping

Price is subject to change without notice and can fluctuate frequently. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the pricing on this website.

 Returning Textbooks

Can I return a book if I don’t need it?

We offer a full refund (different from buy back) until the return deadline each semester.  During Fall and Spring, the return deadline is the Friday of the first week of school. During Summer, it is the third day of classes. Check your receipt for this semester's deadline.

Please see our complete return policy.

What if I decide to drop a course or withdraw from the university?

After the return deadline, documentation (of dropping the course or withdrawing from the University) is required to return a textbook. The book must be returned within 48 hours of the drop or withdrawal, in original purchase condition, with receipt and drop/withdrawal documentation.

Can I return a book if I open the shrink-wrap?

That depends. If the package includes textbooks, study guide and access codes, all items must be present and in new condition.  Access codes cannot be activated.  If the book(s) are no longer in new condition, you may only receive a partial refund. If the shrink-wrapped item is a course reader or packet of photocopies, they are not returnable if opened.  If the package says “No Refunds if Opened,” the package cannot be returned.  If an access code is open, it is non-refundable.

What are your complete return policies?

Please see our return policy.

How do I sell back a textbook?

We want to buy back as many used books as possible from you! We give cash for your gently used textbooks everyday! Buy Back prices vary depending on the demand of the book. Some books have no market resale value. Examples of such cases are: a new edition being published, a used workbook or study guide, or a book with little national demand. We encourage you to start your professional library--hold on to those valuable books that will serve you in the future. But if you will not need a textbook after using it in class, sell it back and get cash for it now.

We buy back textbooks everyday at the UIC Bookstore located in Student Center East. A valid University I-Card is required to sell back your textbooks.