Here's How Textbook Buy Back Works:


  • We want to buy back as many used books as possible from you. We give cash for your gently used textbooks everyday!

  • Buyback prices vary depending on the demand for the book.

  • Some books, despite containing valuable information, have no market resale value. Examples of such cases are: a new edition being published, a used workbook or study guide, or little national demand for the book.

  • We encourage you to start your professional library--hold on to those valuable books that will serve you in the future. But if you will not need a textbook after using it in class, sell it back and get cash for it now.

We buy back textbooks everyday at the UIC Bookstore located in Student Center East.  A valid University I-Card is required to sell back your textbooks.

Textbooks, with buyback value, will be bought back at the the UIC Medical Bookstore between April 29- May 10.

Any questions, please contact customer service at [email protected]