Here's How Textbook Buy-Back Works:


  1. We want to buy back as many used books as possible from you. We give cash for your gently used textbooks everyday!
  2. If your book is being used next semester on campus and if we need extra copies, you will be offered up to 50% of the NEW/USED book price (depending on the original condition you purchased the textbook).
  3. If your book is not being used again at UIC, but it will be used on other university campuses, we may offer to buy the book. The price will be determined by national demand and the book's condition.
  4. Some books, despite containing valuable information, have no market resale value. Examples of such cases are: a new edition being published, a used workbook or study guide, or little national demand for the book.
  5. We encourage you to start your professional library--hold on to those valuable books that will serve you in the future. But if you will not need a textbook after using it in class, sell it back and get cash for it now.