The importance of timely Course Materials Submissions

The timely submission of course materials is critical to assuring that the UIC Bookstore can provide every student the right book at the right price right now. We are committed to our efforts and use every resource available to help us meet this goal.

The UIC Bookstore rents textbooks to students.  Students save up to 50% of the new retail price on new textbooks and up to 55% of the new retail price on used rental textbooks. On average we offer more than 20,000 titles available to rent every semester.

The UIC Bookstore commits to:

-       Will buy books backs from students at the end of every semester to increase the number of used books available to sell and to put some money back into our students’ pockets.

-       Will offer eBook or digital versions of full textbook editions whenever possible.

-       Will offer loose-leaf packages of full textbook editions whenever possible.

-       Will help faculty create custom textbooks and course readers for their courses utilizing our vendor partnerships.

-       Will provide our on-line shoppers with comparison price data on course materials from other on-line sellers.

Achieving these goals takes time and resources. The earlier we receive your course material request the sooner we can have your materials on the shelves and ready for your students.

Desk Copy Requests

Please use this form for your desk copy requests. The UIC Bookstore can help provide you with publisher information.

Faculty Author Form

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DIY Custom Textbook Builder

Please click this link to access the “Do-It-Yourself” Custom Textbook Builder.