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The timely submission of course materials is critical to assuring that the UIC Bookstore can provide every student the right book at the right price right now. We are committed to our efforts and use every resource available to help us meet this goal.


The more we know about how and when a book is being used, the better aid we are to accommodate your students’ needs. If you need to submit your book request late for any reason, please call our Course Materials Department at (312) 413-5534.


If you have any questions about course materials, please call one of the people listed below or consult for the textbook coordinator in your department.


Sara Didio ................................................................................................................ (312) 413-5515

Assistant Director, Course Materials

[email protected]


Alla Rayzman .......................................................................................................... (312) 413-2359

General Manager, Medical Bookstore, Course Materials

[email protected]


Textbook Information


Textbook Information Deadlines


Fall - April 15

Spring - October 15

Summer - March 15



Steps for Submitting Your Course Materials:


1. Determine which materials you will use for your classes

2. Submit your textbook information via our online form – Please click on the link to submit course material requests: https://uic.verbacollect.com/session/selfassign. Any faculty member assigned to teach a class in Banner will be sent an email with a link to our online textbook form automatically. These emails will continue several times a month until the information is submitted. Faculty can log into the system directly without a link by visiting: http://uic.verbacollect.com

Completing the Textbook Form

Here are a few notes to insure the correct title will be available for your students. Please refer to the textbook information website for each of these parts.

A. Title  Self-explanatory unless the book is part of a series. In some cases, the book will be titled by series and volume number, other times by subtitle. Be sure to include this information. The system will self-populate in most situations.

B. Publisher – This information is helpful in tracking down titles that are not listed in Books in Print. If a book is not published in the U.S., please include the country of publication. If you have the ISBN, this information is not necessary and should self-populate.

C. ISBN – This number drives the electronic ordering system of most bookstores. An ISBN is exclusive to a particular edition of a title. Instructor’s copies, student editions, paperback, cloth bound, and software packages of the same title will all have different ISBN numbers. If a particular title is bundled, it will have a different ISBN than that title alone. Be sure to provide the ISBN number for the bundle if you want a specific package.

Custom versions of a book are assigned an ISBN number before going to the printer. If you are expecting a custom edition of a book, please do not give the regular book ISBN. If you do not have the ISBN, The UIC Bookstore will help you research it. Remember, if the UIC Bookstore orders the incorrect ISBN, the correct title will not be available at the start of class.

If a publisher’s representative tells you that a text is changing editions, please don’t assume the UIC Bookstore knows as well. Please let us know any other information you believe may be relevant to placing an order.


Desk Copies

Most publishers provide faculty with complimentary desk or review copies of the textbooks. Many of these copies are now being provided in electronic form only. Although policies vary from one publisher to another, there are three avenues to obtain books.

1. Contact the publisher’s sales representative.

2. Call the publisher to request a desk or review copy.

3. Write to the publisher on departmental letterhead.

For a listing of publishers, contact the UIC Bookstore [email protected] or (312) 413-5534. While the UIC Bookstore does not order desk or review copies, we can help by providing the names of publisher representatives or a toll-free phone number for the publisher.


Cost Saving Practices and Partnerships

By working together, we can help control and reduce the costs of course materials to students.

Some suggestions include:

1Providing textbook information early – It increases the probability of procuring used textbooks for students and providing them extra money at buyback. It also improves the chance that textbooks will be on the shelves for students by the first day of class and helps us assign books as rentals.

2. Choose digital course materials

The UIC Bookstore collaborates with Redshelf and Vital Source to provide expanded availability of eBooks for students. 

·         Direct Access with Blackboard

o   Students can purchase and access their course materials (eBooks & online Homework) via Blackboard.

o   For more information on Direct Access

·         Redshelf eBooks

o   http://uic.redshelf.com/

o   RedShelf provides digital content, eBooks as well as custom digital course packets. 

·         VitalSource eBooks

o   https://uic.vitalsource.com/

o   VitalSource Bookshelf offers students access to their course materials on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone devise with the VitalSource Bookshelf app.

·         OpenStax

o   The UIC Bookstore is able to distribute OpenStax OER (Open Educational Resource) Textbooks through our partnerships with Redshelf.  We can also distribute OpenStax OER Print Textbooks at affordable prices.


3. Order bundled books with care – Many of the bundles available from publishers are great deals. Some are not. If the additional materials packaged with a textbook are not mandatory reading, the package may not be a value to your students. Bundles are not available in used form, but the textbook alone is often available as a used book at a lower price. If a bundle is ordered for a class, it restricts the UIC Bookstore’s ability to buy the books back from students and increases their dissatisfaction.

4. Tell us if a book is optional – Often a title is useful to your class, but will not be covered as mandatory reading (used for homework assignments, testing, etc.). If this is the case, indicate the book is optional in your correspondence with us. This gives your students a choice about this purchase.

5. Help the UIC Bookstore control costs associated with ordering and distributing textbooks by:

• Ordering texts as early as possible during the prior spring or fall semester. Early requests give us more time to source used books and buy back books from students.

• Assuring that estimated enrollment is realistic. Notify the UIC Bookstore as soon as possible is there are increases or decreases in enrollment, so that textbook orders can be adjusted accordingly. Remember, not all textbooks can be returned, and over-ordering can be costly.

• Make sure the UIC Bookstore and your students understand how a text will be used. Let’s not make students buy materials they won’t need.

• Custom books and imported books require careful ordering because of the probability that overstock of these books will not be returnable to publishers. These titles require additional lead time, accurate enrollment estimates, and a commitment on the faculty’s part to use the book.

• Remind your students to purchase textbooks before they are returned to the publishers. In order to prepare for next semester, we begin returning textbooks as early as 7 weeks into every semester. We try to notify faculty two weeks in advance through faculty emails. Please encourage your students to purchase early. This eliminates the delay needed to re-order titles. Please let us know if you want a title held!

• Let us know if you will be using a book for more than one semester. Re-used books can be offered as rentals to students - thus lowering the cost to students.


Other Resources:

LAD Custom Publishing


LAD is a course pack company that offers full service copyright clearance.  The course packet provider offers simple yet unique print and digital solutions. 

Faculty Author Form

Are you a faculty author? Please let us know! Email [email protected] or call (312)413-5534.