Please Submit by the Following Dates:

-          Summer Semester: April 1st
-          Fall Semester: May 1st
-          Spring Semester: November 1st

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When considering a bundle, please evaluate the cost and necessity of the units in the bundle.  If only one item in the bundle is required, it would be best to adopt them individual with one as required and the rest as optional.  Adopting the entire bundle as required creates frustration for the students when they only want to purchase one mandatory item.  It also prevents the bookstore from offering used copies at a discounted price to students.


Adopting your textbook by the semester deadlines allows the bookstore to have them in stock and shelves for your students before the first day of class.  It also allows us to purchase books from students at buyback time for a higher value and increases the number of lower cost textbooks for your next semester students.