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Click on the following links for step-by-step instructions on linking your digital materials in the Direct Access Program (Redshelf Partnership)

- How to Add a Link to your Blackboard Course- ebook

- How to Add a Link to your Blackboard Course- Access Code

- Student Directions on Purchasing an Ebook in Blackboard

- Student Directions on Purchasing an Access Code in Blackboard

Direct Access Program- Willo Labs Partnership

Please contact Sara Didio, [email protected], directly if you are using a Pearson title in our Direct Access Program.  Courses must be submitted to the UIC Bookstore ahead of time.

Want to try on your own?

QUICK GUIDE - Steps to Set Up eBook 


Direct Access Program

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 Transitioning to Digital Course Materials using UIC Bookstore's Direct Access Program

What is the Direct Access Program?

Direct Access is a textbook model that converts physical course materials into instantly accessible digital content providing students interactive, adaptive and affordable materials. The UIC Bookstores, publishers, and you, our faculty, collaborate to make the digital course material available to every student on the first day of class. Since every enrolled student receives the digital course materials, the publisher charges a lower bulk rate to the Bookstores resulting in lower prices for students. 

How it works

  • If a faculty member opts to use Direct Access for any course, the UIC Bookstore will work with the publisher to negotiate lower pricing on the digital eBook and/or course ware.
  • Students will receive access to the digital course material through a link placed on Blackboard, the UIC Leaning Management System (LMS).
  • Student purchase the digital materials

How to know if a book is available in a digital formatClick here

Direct Access FAQs

How much does Direct Access cost?
Prices vary depending on the course materials selected by the instructor. Most Direct Access prices are lower than the cost to access the material directly through the publisher with cost savings up to 60% of the price of a new print textbook.  UIC Students have saved an average of 48% off the comparable print price of their textbook.

How do student pay for their materials?

Students purchase the materials with a credit card. 

What if the student drops the course? Can they still get a refund?

If students drop the course before the add/drop, they can request a refund for the Direct Access material.


Still have questions?
Contact the UIC Bookstore at [email protected] or Sara Didio, Assistant Director- Course Materials, at [email protected].